About Dr. Mignone

Bob Mignone attended Amherst College, was an honors student and graduated cum laude. He played varsity rugby for three years on an eastern championship (undefeated) team, led his fraternity as its president, sang in the college double quartet, and wrote his thesis in psychology.
Then he left New England for a change of setting. He attended Duke Medical School, was an honors student and was one of five seniors elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha national medical honor society. He spent a fifth medical school year by working twelve months a year for four years so as to publish research in cardiovascular surgery/cardiology (American Heart Journal, Circulation Research). He received several exclusive national awards of excellence, and graduated with honors on schedule with both BMS and MD degrees. Read More

Featured Book

Ordinary Valor is not a textbook about cancer or the psychology of coping, although you'll find author Robert Mignone's thoughts on both. It's not a philosophical discourse on the philosophy of faith or the existence of God, although Mignone does talk a lot about his experience of the power of faith. Rather, Ordinary Valor invites the reader to witness one man's journey of coping with the dark reality of cancer.
Mignone writes: "Because my story has been ordinary, I've come to regard my experience as remarkable (even spectacular) because I've seen how it has reflected the marvelous journeys of gazillions of men and women as they've worked and loved and managed their lives as best they could and all the while no one but their intimates knowing anything of their heartaches. They've attended PTA meetings, grooved at concerts, visited families, and showed up at work every day with their game faces on and never received a medal or a news story. That's amazing. All over the world, people are quietly winning gold medals of the heart. That's the human grit.... Read More